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Why Castaway?

Why Castaway?

For more than 30 years, anglers have come to rely upon CastAway's handcrafted rods for every condition on the water. With design and manufacturing headquarters in Houston, Texas, CastAway builds Custom Rods at Production Prices! From Weekend Warriors to Fishing on the Pro Circuit, CastAway Rods has the equipment for you.

CastAway Rods began its journey in 1989 when a group of avid outdoorsmen, led by master rod builder Billy Kistler, began building the finest custom rods at competitive prices. Thirty years later, the same spirit that drove these CastAway pioneers, drives the current owner to build the finest products at competitive prices.

CastAway’s proprietary rod building techniques deliver the highest level of quality within the industry. We do not use a copycat approach or allow cookie cutter designs to our building of rods. Many rod companies do not develop and test the rods that are currently in their lineup; they rely on designs that may be in a dozen different labeled/branded rods. CastAway will never take short cuts and while we continue to use proven techniques, we have added modern technology and components to stay on top of the industry. Our rods are simply fine tools of the trade, masterfully crafted in design, durability and quality!

The current CastAway team consists of many members that opened the doors in 1989 and have the highest level of experience within the industry. As we have always done, we begin the design of all of our rods with the customer in mind and listen to the pros in the industry. They direct us on what’s trending based on available components and what fads to stay away from. The results are the lightest, most sensitive, most durable rods on the market that will give the customer years of good use. Finely tuned rods catch more fish….Period!

Our newest lineup of rods are simply the finest tools of the trade. Unique to CastAway is the ability to “turn on a dime” and evolve our rods based on input from our customers and professional anglers. We don’t simply design and build a rod and hope it is a success. Every CastAway designed rod is tested for at least a year prior to introduction. In addition, we continue to evolve the current models with slight changes and improvements throughout the life cycle, ensuring you’re always fishing with a state-of-the-art rod.

Thank you for your interest in CastAway rods! As you can tell, we are very proud of our heritage and will always strive to exceed your expectations with the finest rods on the market for every stage of angling. Come visit, call or email us with any questions or comments as we will never forget who we strive to satisfy….YOU!