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Pro Staff

Pro Staff

Pro Staff

Marty Robinson

Marty has been fishing professionally with a CastAway Rod since 2007, has 22 top 10 finishes and has fished the Bassmaster Classic 3 times. In 2018 Marty announced he was committing to the MLF Bass Pro tour. The South Carolina native has over $700,000 in career winnings.


  • Top 10 Finishes: 22
  • Professional Since: 2007
  • Career Winnings: >$700,000
  • Favorite Fishing Technique: Jigging

Marty owns a plumbing business which allows him to be flexible enough to pursue his pro bass angling career. He has a wife, Iris, and two sons, Marshall and Mitchell, who all love to travel and fish with him. He earned his nickname "Marty the Party" from dancing on his boat during Bassmaster Classic weigh-ins.

When he's not fishing you can often find Marty hunting, on the softball field or strumming on his guitar, but mostly he enjoys spending time with his family.

Brad Whatley

Brad Whatley grew up fishing with his Dad for crappie and catfish on Caddo Lake. After he got out of college, he bought his first boat, and you could say the rest is history. He worked his way up through local bass club tournaments, and always dreamed of participating in the Bassmaster Classic. In 2015, blessed with an opportunity, he started fishing the Bassmaster Central Opens. In 2018, he finished second in points in the Central Opens and earned his spot in the 2019 Classic along with an invite to the Elites.

Brad recently started a business to help with his Bassmaster entry fees teaching high school and college kids how to practice on a lake for a tournament. That includes everything from map study to seasonal patterns. When Brad’s not fishing you can find him spending time at home with his wife Jennifer their three daughters. He also enjoys quail hunting and bow hunting.