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Pro Sport - PSB66 - Medium Casting
Pro Sport CX2 - CX2SMS7 - Medium Spinning
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Pro Sport CX2 - CX2SMC7 - Medium Casting
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Pro Sport CX2 - CX269M - Tops & Tails
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CastAway Rods offers professional grade custom fishing rods for a wide range of conditions. Whether it be an inshore topwater day or a spinnerbait in the calm lake, CastAway Rods will have the exact combination of rod length, power and action to meet your specific needs. The vast selection of rods allows you to custom select a rod to match your fishing style and ultimately produce the best results on the water. Using state-of-the-art technology, each rod is finely crafted to meet precise specifications which gives each angler the absolute best rod for their situation. When you use custom fishing rods based on your specific casting method and hook set style, fishing becomes redefined resulting in a completely new experience.

The proprietary techniques used in crafting each rod results in unmatched quality and performance. CastAway's fishing rods vary in power, length, action, line weight, and lure weight to meet the specific needs of any angler. Additionally, rod styles for casting or spinning reels are offered for each line of rod we carry. Freshwater models utilize carbon fiber frames reinforced by layered nanotubes giving each angler the ability to sense underwater encounters as well as providing crisp, clean casting. For saltwater fishing, models such as Inshore and Croaker Smoker are built using a 24-ton carbon blend to provide the necessary durability for more substantial ocean encounters. All rods are designed with durable frames to improve performance, as well as quality throughout every feature. From the handles and foregrips to line guides, each component is made with comfort in mind. CastAway uses grade A cork and custom non-slip grips for optimal comfort and performance despite wet conditions. These features along with polished metal guides deliver a smooth line release and retention. This results in an ultra-sensitive and fine-tuned custom fishing rod with quality built to last. Casting, retrieving, and all the action that comes between can be refined with the precision custom fishing rods have to offer. Ultimately CastAway's custom fishing rods give anglers an edge over the competition in the sport of fishing.

Whether you are into competitive tournament fishing or simply looking for a relaxing day at the pond, CastAway offers these professional level rods at modest prices. Selections for men, women and children allow everyone to enjoy the quality and comfort of custom-built fishing rods. This adds to the customizability provided by CastAway rods, which helps ensure everyone is set up to have the best experience when fishing. The activity then becomes more enjoyable as you get to feel the underwater terrain through a refined fishing rod. This level of performance is only obtained through CastAway's proprietary techniques in carbon blends as well as applying state-of-the-art technology to each individual rod. The evolution of fishing is created through CastAway.