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CastAway Rods

Great Trade-In Event

Get Cash for your old rods when you trade them in toward a new CastAway Rod. Upgrade to the latest technology and clean out your garage at the same time. All brands are eligible for this trade in event.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Take pictures of the rod, model number must be in the picture and include closeups of the reel seat, handle and the entire blank. Multiple pictures will be accepted.
  2. Provide a full description of the rod including approximate age.
  3. Tell us about any known defects in the rod including reel seat, handle, blank, guides and tip
  4. Send pictures and information with your contact info and we will reply within 24 hours with a value for your rods!

CastAway Rods will appraise the rod at what we consider fair market value and does not base the actual allowance on asking prices on websites offering used fishing equipment. CastAway’s trade in program will offer at minimum a $20.00 trade in value and as much as $100.00. You can trade one rod in for each new rod you order from CastAway. Can not be combined with any others offers or discounts.

CastAway Rods will then deduct the trade amount from your next order and include a shipping label to ship your rod back to CastAway Rods. Simply pack up the used rod in the same shipping tube sent with your new rod, use the packing material to protect your rod and apply the label over the old label and drop off at a UPS drop off point. If we do not receive the used rod within 2 weeks of the new rod delivery, you agree to be charged the difference on the credit card used to pay for the new rod. No exceptions allowed.

Although 20.00 is the minimum allowed for a used rod, the actual rod blank cannot be broken or compromised in any way. Please call our office at 832-230-0243 with any other questions.