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15 Jan Fun Tips For Fishing With Your Children
kelciea 0 568
Teaching your kids to love the great outdoors is so important, especially if you want them to enjoy time away from technology. It's great to show kids that activities outside are fun in a world where kids are obsessed with phones, tv, and gaming systems. In this article, we'll discuss a few things you could do to help make fishing fun for your youngsters. Believe it or not, bonding with your child through fishing can create lasting memories that they'll enjoy over the years. If you wan..
10 Jan Tips For Catching Largemouth Bass In Winter
kelciea 0 538
Just because winter has hit doesn't mean that you have to stop the fun of fishing. Winter fishing can be just as rewarding as the other seasons. In fact, this time of year can yield some of the best catches. Today we will take a look at some tips for catching largemouth bass during colder weather.During the winter, you'll need to make sure that you are pinpointing locations for the largemouth bass. They could be fairly sluggish depending on the weather and temperature, which is why it'..
05 Jan How To Pair A Rod With Proper Line And Lure
kelciea 0 2189
If you've ever been a victim of a broken fishing line, chances are it's not the fish's fault. Most of the time, this is caused by the angler pairing their rod with the wrong line and lure. It would be best if you never paired a light action rod with a heavy line or a light-duty reel with a heavy rod because you could do damage to the rod or strip a reel. Today we'll try to help you learn what should be paired with different rods and reels.  Fishing line has a strength measured on it, a..
25 Dec How To Catch Redfish During Winter Part 2
kelciea 0 548
If you're looking for more helpful tips for your next winter redfish fishing trip, then you've come to the right place. We've already covered several tips that can help you in the first article of this series, so make sure you check that out. Once you're out searching for some redfish, make sure that you look for areas where they are schooling. This type of fish really only schools in the cold months, and this can be beneficial for you. Finding a school of these fish will be rather eas..
20 Dec How To Catch Redfish During Winter Part 1
kelciea 0 540
Winter may seem like the perfect time to hibernate and stop all your outdoor sporting. However, this time of year can offer up some of the best fishing trips. Once the temperatures drop, and the waters cool off, you'll start to see the redfish move. Winter redfish fishing can yield some enjoyable and fruitful fishing excursions. It may not always be trouble-free fishing, but if you follow a few of my tips, you'll be off to a great start.The first tip is to aim for the shallow waters ..
13 Dec Pike Fishing Tips For Early Spring Part 1
kelciea 0 544
Fishing for pike during the springtime months will reward you with some of the best fishing. In fact, this is the time of year when you are most likely to catch a trophy fish. In this article, you'll learn some helpful tips and tricks that can help you succeed when you're fishing for that perfect pike. We'll discuss locations, bait, how to reel, and what kind of rod will yield the best results. Studying up on the pike that you are fishing will truly be beneficial to your fishing experie..
12 Dec Pike Fishing Tips For Early Spring Part 2
kelciea 0 573
We're back with some more helpful tips for your Springtime pike fishing. Before dropping your line into the water, you'll have to do a little bit of research. It would help if you learned where pike like to hang out and what they like to eat. In this article, you'll learn about these topics to help you have a more successful experience.  In the last article, we discussed how this time of year would be their post-spawn recouping. Since the pike are trying to recover from this time, they ..
15 Nov How to Fish a Top-water Plug for Bass
kelciea 0 868
Are you looking for a little more excitement for your next angling adventure? Perhaps you should consider using a top-water plug or lure. These can bring out the big fish that will strike aggressively. This type of fishing is far more visual and exciting. If you're trying to learn more about top-water plugs, then you've come to the right place. This type of lure is meant to imitate a bait fish. These lures will resemble bait that are injured or weak. While you are reeling in your lu..
10 Nov How to Fish Cold Weather
kelciea 0 740
It may be cold out, but that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on your time fishing. There are a few tips that you should follow if you want your cold-weather fishing to be successful. In this article, you'll learn what you can do to have a great day fishing even when it's chilly out. The first thing you can do is fish with bigger bait. You have to remember that fish are going to be relatively slow during cold weather because they are ectotherms. They use other sources of hea..
05 Nov Tips For Saltwater Fishing
kelciea 0 604
Saltwater fishing is an incredible hobby. It's a skill that can take a lot of time to master, though. It can differ from freshwater fishing quite a bit in that it takes more preparation and studying. You'll need to take some time to learn about the right rod and reel for the fish that you are after. You'll also need to get the right bait for the rod that you choose. Once you've decided on the tools, you should study the fish that you want to catch. Reading up on your prey can help you det..
01 Nov Start Your Fishing Off Right
kelciea 0 469
Are you trying to pick up fishing as a new hobby? If so, then you've come to the right place. Every fisher has to start somewhere, which is why we here at Castaway Rods want to help you pick up a few helpful tips that can make the learning process go much smoother. Which will, in turn, make fishing a much more fun experience. Make sure that you're prepared for the day before setting out on your adventure. Grab your gear, some sunscreen, water, and a lifejacket if you plan to fish from a..
25 Aug Skeleton V2 Rod Review by Tyler Brinks:
alexham 0 863
Castaway Skeleton V2 Rod Review Not too long ago I took a look at my collection of rods and saw that I have just about every major brand made. No lie…I had over fifteen different brands represented. Some had a few more than others, but I am definitely not exclusive to anyone. With so many good rods to choose from some excellent brands haven’t even...Read More..
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