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20 Jan Set Up A Carolina Rig On The Pro Sport Mag Bass Rod
kelciea 0 195
The Pro Sport Mag Bass fishing rod is ready for you at Castaway Rods. This is a great rod if you're looking for something to use with a Carolina Rig, which is what we're going to talk about today. The Carolina rig is an excellent setup for largemouth and smallmouth bass. This rig starts with a cylindrical weight and two beads. You can use a 1/2 to a 1 oz weight, in fact, the heavier the weight, the better when using this rig. The beads serve a dual purpose. The beads are there to protect..
05 Apr Paddle Tail Swimbait And The Rod To Use
kelciea 0 425
There are many different bait styles for you to choose from whenever you're out fishing. One standard style of bait is the paddle tail swimbait. This is an excellent option in both cold and warm weather as well as a few different water conditions. There are tons of different shapes and sizes for a swimbait, making it a great option for all kinds of fishing.When you're using this type of bait, you can purchase it either hooked or unhooked. Either way, the shape of the paddle tail swim..
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