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25 Aug Shallow Running Crank Baits With A Taranis Cranking Rod
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When you shop at Castaway Rods, you'll have the pleasure of purchasing some of the best rods from the best people. They work tirelessly to produce incredible fishing rods of all styles. You're going to find custom fishing rods for fresh and saltwater when you shop their inventory. One rod that they currently have available is the Taranis CX1 cranking rod. This rod is excellent for shallow running crank baits. Let's chat about the options you'll have for this type of lure.Crankbaits ca..
25 May Throw Jigs With The Light Casting Taranis CX1
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Jig fishing or jigging is the type of fishing where you use a jig lure. This type of lure has a lead sinker attached to a hook that is covered by a soft body. When you use a jig, you will reel it in a vertical, jerky motion, not like some baits that are meant to be reeled smoothly in a horizontal motion. You'll want to use a light popping rod for this lure, which you can find available at Castaway Rods. Their Taranis CX1 is a light casting rod that will be perfect for the job.Jigg..
05 Apr Paddle Tail Swimbait And The Rod To Use
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There are many different bait styles for you to choose from whenever you're out fishing. One standard style of bait is the paddle tail swimbait. This is an excellent option in both cold and warm weather as well as a few different water conditions. There are tons of different shapes and sizes for a swimbait, making it a great option for all kinds of fishing.When you're using this type of bait, you can purchase it either hooked or unhooked. Either way, the shape of the paddle tail swim..
10 May How To Reel In A Crankbait
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We've briefly discussed the different types of crankbait that are out there. We talked about the sizes and weights that you can use to suspend your lure in different depths of water. There are still a lot of other factors that you'll need to learn about in order to use your crankbait properly. We'll discuss how to use these in different seasons so that you'll get the most action out of them. You can use a crankbait in all different seasons, but you'll likely need to change up your spee..
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