Saltwater Inshore Fishing Rods

There are a lot of folks out there that don't fully understand the importance of picking the right rod. You'll probably cross paths with people who think that you can use whatever rod you want whenever you're fishing, regardless of the circumstances. I'm here to help you understand that not all rods are going to offer what you need when fishing. You'll need a different type of rod from saltwater to freshwater, and then you'll have to choose between casting or spinning rods.

Since there is such a variety of fish and the many ways you can fish for them, Castaway Rods makes sure that all of their customers are covered. When you use the wrong rod, you're going to notice fishing coming off your hook, low-quality casting, missed hooksets, fish falling off the hook, and overall a lower number of catches. If you are fishing for red drum, then you want to choose a rod that has a medium power and a fast to mod-fast action and at least 7' long like the Croaker Smoker Medium Spinning rod. Some of the best baits for red drum include small live crabs, live shrimp, and small mullets. If you're using a live shrimp, you should fish it under a popping cork. Any other live fish bait are great to put on a rig that you let sink to the bottom and swim freely.

When you shop at Castaway Rods, you're going to be able to find so much variety when it comes to rods. Whatever type of fishing you want to get into, they'll have the right rod for the situation. Shop at Castaway Rods, and you will find an incredible inshore saltwater fishing rod for your next red drum fishing trip.