Inshore Custom Fishing Rod

If you're looking for more helpful tips for your next winter redfish fishing trip, then you've come to the right place. We've already covered several tips that can help you in the first article of this series, so make sure you check that out. 

Once you're out searching for some redfish, make sure that you look for areas where they are schooling. This type of fish really only schools in the cold months, and this can be beneficial for you. Finding a school of these fish will be rather easy since winter waters are a lot clearer. These fish will likely be more willing to bite because winter proves harder to catch their prey. If you're fishing in a schooling area, you're going to continue catching over and over. This means you won't have to move around for new locations.

When you are fishing, try using a scented bait to catch redfish. If you're having plenty of luck without one then, by all means, don't change what isn't broken. However, if you aren't getting the kind of action you want, then pull out some scented bait. Scented bait definitely isn't necessary during summer months, but it does seem more effective during wintertime. Redfish like minnows, crabs, and shrimp, so look for scented baits that can mimic these creatures. You're sure to pick up speed whenever you use bait like this. 

You'll want to pair all of these tips with the right rod for catching redfish. A spinning rod about 7-foot tall would work wonderfully for redfish. You'll want something with a moderate to fast action, which will allow you to use this same rod in a variety of redfish fishing spots. Check out some of the saltwater spinning rods at Castaway Rods to the perfect inshore custom fishing rod