Best Bass Fishing Rods
We're back with the second article in this series, where we're discussing the 'how-to's' of pitching and flipping. If you follow these instructions and take some time practicing, you'll be able to flawless perform these techniques to catch some fish. Let's jump back into the process.

Next, grab your bait with the hand that your rod isn't in. Once you've located your target, you can aim your rod in the correct direction and release your bait from the offhand. At the same time, you're casting your bait, you'll want to put your rod tip down towards the target. You'll be controlling the line with your thumb, using it like a brake. As it's falling, raise your rod tip back up to swing the bait like a pendulum, and you can release your thumb a bit to let your line spool out a bit. Once it hits the water, you will then press down again with your thumb. These motions put together in a quick sequence should land your bait in your exact target point while creating little to no action on the surface of the water. Let your bait fall, reel it in, and repeat.

Flipping is similar to pitching, but instead of reeling in when you want to cast again, you'll grab the line with your hand. Grab the line between the reel and guide, then pull your arm backward while lifting the tip of the rod so that the bait raises out of the water. Once it swings back towards the water, you'll want to aim your bait for the target spot in the water.

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