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25 Aug Shallow Running Crank Baits With A Taranis Cranking Rod
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When you shop at Castaway Rods, you'll have the pleasure of purchasing some of the best rods from the best people. They work tirelessly to produce incredible fishing rods of all styles. You're going to find custom fishing rods for fresh and saltwater when you shop their inventory. One rod that they currently have available is the Taranis CX1 cranking rod. This rod is excellent for shallow running crank baits. Let's chat about the options you'll have for this type of lure.Crankbaits ca..
16 Aug Popping Cork Tips For Your Castaway Rod
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Have you been looking into fishing with a popping cork? If so, you may find this article helpful. A popping cork can give you success with plenty of game fish. Game fish tend to be drawn toward the surface by the noise of the popping cork because they think it's another fish surface feeding. This sound will draw them up, and once they see the lure, they'll try and take a bite out of it. We're going to offer up a few tips for why a popping cork may be suitable for your next inshore fishi..
25 May Throw Jigs With The Light Casting Taranis CX1
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Jig fishing or jigging is the type of fishing where you use a jig lure. This type of lure has a lead sinker attached to a hook that is covered by a soft body. When you use a jig, you will reel it in a vertical, jerky motion, not like some baits that are meant to be reeled smoothly in a horizontal motion. You'll want to use a light popping rod for this lure, which you can find available at Castaway Rods. Their Taranis CX1 is a light casting rod that will be perfect for the job.Jigg..
20 May Top Water Plugs For Bass Fishing
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Fishing is a fun hobby that can be as relaxing or as high energy as you want it to be. If you're looking for a way to mix up your style, you should try using a topwater plug the next time you are out fishing. You're going to have some fun with this type of lure because you see a lot more action with it.The topwater plug is great for bass fishing. It will look like a baitfish that bass will want to snatch up. Whenever you're reeling in the plug, you are meant to move it side to sid..
15 May Check Out The Inshore Smoker At Castaway Rods
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Have you been on the hunt for a great inshore fishing rod? You should check out the new line by Castaway Rods, the InShore Smoker which is an inshore saltwater fishing rod. You can purchase it in both casting and spinning rods in light to medium power and moderate to mod-fast action. You're going to have some great fishing experiences whenever you use the InShore Smoker rods from this store.The InShore Smoker rods are great for throwing lures like tails, top waters, and soft plast..
10 May The Best Rod For Shallow Running Crankbaits
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The Pro Sport Medium Casting rod found at Castaway Rods is the perfect rod for those who are shallow running crankbaits. This is an amazing way to catch bass in shallow waters. We're going to learn some tips that can help you use crankbaits in the shallow.Whenever you're fishing in shallow waters, you should pair your rod with a heavy line and a short crankbait. You could use a fat body crankbait to create a wobbling action that will help the lure glide through any brush. Look for sh..
05 May What Kind Of Fishing Is Monofilament Used For
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There are a lot of tools that you need for fishing. You have to have the right rod and reel, but you would be nowhere without the right fishing line. There are a few different fishing line options to choose from. When selecting a line, you'll have to pick from various sizes, diameters, strengths, and more. You should know that not all fishing lines can be used for every job. There are also personal preferences that come into play when purchasing line.One type of line that you can pur..
10 Apr Crappie Facts To Help Your Fishing Experiences
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We've gathered a few helpful tips that are going to help you whenever you're out catching crappie. This article will talk a bit about the fish and where they tend to hang out. We'll also offer up some helpful facts about rods that can help you catch them. Let's dive right in.This freshwater fish tends to be found in a school in areas with heavy vegetation. When crappie are young, they only eat microscopic crustaceans, and as they grow, they'll start feeding on insects, minnows, and f..
05 Apr Paddle Tail Swimbait And The Rod To Use
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There are many different bait styles for you to choose from whenever you're out fishing. One standard style of bait is the paddle tail swimbait. This is an excellent option in both cold and warm weather as well as a few different water conditions. There are tons of different shapes and sizes for a swimbait, making it a great option for all kinds of fishing.When you're using this type of bait, you can purchase it either hooked or unhooked. Either way, the shape of the paddle tail swim..
25 May Saltwater Fishing During Late Spring
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We're nearing the beginning of summer months, and temperatures are scorching yet. That means we could be out having some excellent saltwater fishing experiences. Fish are going to be transitioning from spring to summer patterns, and it's essential to take a look at these before we head out to fish for saltwater species. In most southern states, it's starting to reach temperatures in the 80s and 90s. As this happens on a more regular basis, the waters are going to heat up. Once temperatu..
15 May Have A Better Crappie Fishing Experience
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Crappie fishing is a fun past time that can also lead to some good eating. Regardless of whether you've been fishing crappie for years or if you're new to the sport, there's always room for improvement. This is why we've collected some tips that may help you improve. You'll learn about crappie and some of their tendencies, as well as the best bait, rod, and techniques used to catch them. Crappie are a schooling fish that you'll find in vegetated freshwater. The young crappies will eat m..
10 May How To Reel In A Crankbait
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We've briefly discussed the different types of crankbait that are out there. We talked about the sizes and weights that you can use to suspend your lure in different depths of water. There are still a lot of other factors that you'll need to learn about in order to use your crankbait properly. We'll discuss how to use these in different seasons so that you'll get the most action out of them. You can use a crankbait in all different seasons, but you'll likely need to change up your spee..
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