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When To Use A Crankbait

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
When To Use A Crankbait
If you're looking for a versatile lure that you can use in many different instances, then you should try out a crankbait. This lure will come in a variety of sizes and weights. You can use the crankbait in different depths of water, depending on which weight you choose.


The crankbait can vary from surface levels up to 20-foot divers. There are four categories for these types of baits. There are squarebill, shallow divers, medium divers, and deep divers. The squarebill and shallow divers are going to be used when you're trying to stay closer to the surface. They are also great for fishing around cover like rocks, logs, and grass lines. The most used is the moderate-diving crankbait because it falls somewhere in the middle ground. The moderate-diving crankbait is one that can be used between seven and eleven-foot depths of water. You could also use this in a bit shallower water than recommended if necessary. The deep diver crankbait will be used in 12+ feet of water. These are important for bottom-contact and you should use these when you're fishing off of structure. When you can deflect this bait against the bottom, you'll cause an action that fish see as weakness and will create an action a strike.

Crankbait is excellent for bass fishing, but you need to pair it with the right rod. At Castaway Rods, you'll be able to find your favorite bass fishing rod with the perfect length, power, and action. You can easily talk to the experts at this store if you have questions about finding the right rod. You can access their team directly from the website to get quick recommendations on the rod that you might need.