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By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Jig fishing or jigging is the type of fishing where you use a jig lure. This type of lure has a lead sinker attached to a hook that is covered by a soft body. When you use a jig, you will reel it in a vertical, jerky motion, not like some baits that are meant to be reeled smoothly in a horizontal motion. You'll want to use a light popping rod for this lure, which you can find available at Castaway Rods. Their Taranis CX1 is a light casting rod that will be perfect for the job.

Jigging has been around for years and years, but not everyone actually knows how to do so correctly. Jig lures are great for anglers who are looking for bass. You have to be aware of how your jig is working with the cover in the water. The first thing you need to remember about choosing your jig is that you need to match the color of the jig to the color of the bass's prey. This may be different depending on which body of water you're fishing. Next, you need to remember always to keep track of your line. You won't always be able to feel the bass taking a bite, but you might see the line move, and that's when you take action. Now you should cast out your line and let the jig sink down to the floor. Once you feel the jig hit bottom, you can jerk the tip of your rod and then let your jig fall again, kind of in a bobbing motion. Jerk from side to side a bit while reeling to mimic a baitfish. This technic should land you some monster bass in no time.

Visit Castaway Rods to check out their favorite custom fishing rods like the light casting Taranis rod with a moderate action for your jigging needs. You're sure to love what it offers.