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The Best Ways To Use A Paddle Tail Swimbait

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
The Best Ways To Use A Paddle Tail Swimbait

One very popular type of bait that you'll almost always have success with is the paddle tail swimbait. This lure can be used in all different seasons and times of the year. They can also be used in all different kinds of water conditions. A swimbait can come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes, and can come hooked or unhooked. Overall, the swimbait is a very versatile lure to use.

Springtime is great for using a swimbait. Spawning season is almost finished, and with that in mind, fish are going to be hungry. They might even become a little bit desperate. The swimbait will mimic a baitfish, which will definitely draw fish out and getting them biting. This is a type of bait that can be reeled in slow or fast. One of my favorite ways to use one of these is by fan casting. This allows you to cover more "ground" without actually having to move your position. You simply cast out and pivot slightly with every cast. You should also try casting out the swimbait and reel it back in a jerking manner. This could attract your prey because they will think it is an injured, smaller fish. When you throw this bait, you can use it in deep and shallow waters as well as open water and structure. This is a great bait to use when you're shad fishing during or recently after the spawn. You'll want to cast your lure near structure or docks.

Fishing lures aren't great for much if you don't have a great rod. This bait works really well on a fast action rod with a medium-heavy power. Luckily, Castaway Rods has exactly what you're looking for with their custom fishing rods for sale. Check out some of their freshwater rods today.