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The Best Rod For Shallow Running Crankbaits

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
The Best Rod For Shallow Running Crankbaits

The Pro Sport Medium Casting rod found at Castaway Rods is the perfect rod for those who are shallow running crankbaits. This is an amazing way to catch bass in shallow waters. We're going to learn some tips that can help you use crankbaits in the shallow.

Whenever you're fishing in shallow waters, you should pair your rod with a heavy line and a short crankbait. You could use a fat body crankbait to create a wobbling action that will help the lure glide through any brush. Look for shallow waters that are mostly clear other than some vegetation. You can reel the lure over the weeds, and it should receive strikes from the fish living in that area. Switch to a flat short bill crankbait while you're fishing through wooded waters to catch bass. You will have better luck on sunny days in fall and early spring. The best thing you could do is deflect the lure off of any weeds which should flash and catch the bass' attention. The lure will look similar to a baitfish whenever it hits cover, and this will trigger the bass to strike on what they think is an easy meal. The best way to avoid your lure from getting hung up on branches and other types of cover is by reeling slow and steady. Once you start to feel it hit cover, you'll want to slow down and let the crankbait float up and then start reeling in again.

Castaway Rods makes incredible fishing rods for every occasion. These rods are high quality yet affordable. Whenever you're ready to purchase a custom fishing rod for sale for shallow cranking, you should check out the Pro Sport brand at Castaway Rods