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Start Your Fishing Off Right

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Start Your Fishing Off Right

Are you trying to pick up fishing as a new hobby? If so, then you've come to the right place. Every fisher has to start somewhere, which is why we here at Castaway Rods want to help you pick up a few helpful tips that can make the learning process go much smoother. Which will, in turn, make fishing a much more fun experience. 


Make sure that you're prepared for the day before setting out on your adventure. Grab your gear, some sunscreen, water, and a lifejacket if you plan to fish from a boat. 


You need to do some research on how to properly tie your string for lures. Not all knots are created equally. There may be specific knots that are better suited for different baits. A quick internet search can tell you which knot to perform for the lure that you plan on using. 


If you want to make sure that fish believe that your bait is real, then you need to remember to reel it in properly. You can't throw your line out and reel it in as quickly as possible. This won't look real, and it won't attract the attention of fish. Think about what the bait is meant to imitate and try to mimic that in the water. 


Always be patient when your fishing. What worked perfectly yesterday may not be what gets the fish biting today. You'll need to change up your methods every once in a while, and that's okay. Try moving locations, add weight to your line, or try a different lure or bait. It's okay to switch things up a bit. 


Lastly, find a great rod. At Castaway Rods, you'll be able to find both freshwater and saltwater casting and spinning rods. Our team can help you learn which rod is best suited for your needs.

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