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By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Have you been looking into fishing with a popping cork? If so, you may find this article helpful. A popping cork can give you success with plenty of game fish. Game fish tend to be drawn toward the surface by the noise of the popping cork because they think it's another fish surface feeding. This sound will draw them up, and once they see the lure, they'll try and take a bite out of it. We're going to offer up a few tips for why a popping cork may be suitable for your next inshore fishing experience.

Whenever you cast the popping cork, you'll want to wind your line so that it's tight to the cork. Then point the tip of your rod towards the cork. Once that's all in place, you'll give a quick flick of your wrist to the side to cause a pop and splash with your popping cork. The real trick to the perfect pop is never to leave any slack in your line. Once you pop a couple of times, give yourself a moment for fish to approach while reeling out the slack. Once a fish bites, the popping cork can act as a bobber to indicate a strike.

The next time you plan to do some inshore fishing, you should check out the Inshore Smoker - ISMS7 from Castaway Rods. This rod is excellent for topwater, plastics, and popping cork fishing. You'll have a moderate-fast action and a medium power with this rod. You'll have plenty of success when your out for redfish and trout specifically, but you'll have success with other species, as well. Visit Castaway Rods to check out some of the custom fishing rods for sale and talk to the experts about other rods that would work well.