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Pair Your Rod With The Right Hook

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Pair Your Rod With The Right Hook
Not all fishing rods are created equal, and because of this, not all fishing hooks are right for every rod. You shouldn't just pick up your rod and attach any hook that you find to it. You need to pair your hook with a rod built for the style of fishing that you are performing. With that in mind, you'll need to know the different attributes of a fishing hook to determine what you will need them for.

Fishing hooks will come in different levels of sharpness. Hooks will come with different types of points on it, which will affect the sharpness. If you need something that is going to cut through the tough areas of a fish's mouth, you'll want a sharp point. However, if you're dealing with delicate fish, you may want to choose a different hook that won't tear through their mouths.

Hooks will come in all different thicknesses. They will be made with either wire or metal and range in sizes. These different sizes are going to be crucial to the application. If you are flipping or pitching, then you'll want a standard wire hook. If you know what you are fishing and what techniques you'll be using, look up tips on which hooks are best for that specific type of fishing.

Lastly, hooks are going to come in different sizes. The size of a hook will be given in width terms based on the gap between the hook and shaft. Another area of hook measurement is the point and bend of the hook. The bigger this measurement is, the deeper a hook can set. This will give you far more holding power.

The next time you purchase a fishing rod from, make sure that you learn a bit about the hooks they should pair with. This will help you have much more successful fishing trips.