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Paddle Tail Swimbait And The Rod To Use

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Paddle Tail Swimbait And The Rod To Use

There are many different bait styles for you to choose from whenever you're out fishing. One standard style of bait is the paddle tail swimbait. This is an excellent option in both cold and warm weather as well as a few different water conditions. There are tons of different shapes and sizes for a swimbait, making it a great option for all kinds of fishing.

When you're using this type of bait, you can purchase it either hooked or unhooked. Either way, the shape of the paddle tail swimbait allows you to easily hide a hook inside it, making it more inconspicuous for the fish. You're going to have a lot of success with this type of lure in the cooler months. Fish during this time of year are not quick to exert energy. However, if they are adequately enticed, they'll be willing to strike at a slower-moving baitfish. Allowing this bait to sink slightly before reeling in can work to your advantage. Many anglers will add a bit of jerk to the reeling to make it look like it is skimming through the water. You can use a swimbait in small ponds, deep lakes, open water, or water with cover.

The next time you're out bass fishing, you can use the paddle tail swimbait to mimic a baitfish. Find yourself a school of bass and reel the line in slowly. This will trick the bass into thinking that it is an injured fish that they can easily catch. You can find some great casting bass fishing rods available now at Castaway Rods. Visit their website and look through their freshwater casting rods to find the perfect rod with the right action and power for your needs.