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More Tips For Flounder Fishing

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
More Tips For Flounder Fishing

We've been discussing some tips and tricks that can help you have a better flounder fishing experience. We're back today with a few additional features that are going to help you catch some of the big ones the next time you're out. 

It's crucial when flounder fishing that you are on point with your casting. This means that a baitcasting fishing rod is going to be more suited for your needs. Baitcasting rods really help you hit the spots with precision to attract the flounder. There are many different options to choose from when picking out your bait, but my favorites include baits that are or look like minnows, shrimp, croakers, or mullet. If you want to catch larger flounder, then hook up larger bait, but this may minimize what you can get.

Once you throw your lure out, you'll want to drop it down to the floor to attract the flounder. It seems like flounder are more likely to bite as the bait is falling towards the ocean floor. Remember to cast your bait in different areas because the flounder may start following the bait back to your boat. If you know how to do a flipping technique with your pole, this will be an excellent technique for catching flounder that are in hard to reach inshore spots.

I suggest a lightweight baitcasting rod with an extra-fast action on it for a more accurate cast for your flounder fishing. This type of rod is sensitive enough for you to feel a bite. Its action allows you to snap it fast enough to set the hook in the flounder before it gets away. Luckily, Castaway Rods have custom baitcasting fishing rods for all your saltwater fishing needs, and they can help you find the perfect flounder fishing rod.