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Learn More About Smallmouth Bass Fishing

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Learn More About Smallmouth Bass Fishing

In our last article, we started discussing what kind of bait was going to attract smallmouth bass. We're going to go a little more in-depth with that today. It makes the fishing process so much more successful when you have the right bait for your target fish.

Like we said in the last article, you're going to have a lot of success when you use different lures for different occasions. In the springtime, you should find success with crankbait made for medium-diving, a jig paired with a plastic grub, and the symmetrical finesse worm. You can yield excellent results with the symmetrical plastic worm and plastic lizards throughout your summer fishing as well. In the fall, you'll want to try a faster-moving bait and some diving baits. Both the spinnerbaits and crankbaits are going to be great for this time of year. If you're fishing in a stream, you may want to try using baits that look and act like minnows or crawfish. These lures should be in natural colors that are found in the stream like browns, greens, and silvers. If you find yourself fishing for northern smallmouth in a lake, you'll want to try your hand at plastic worms and imitate a minnow. This is sure to help you catch some smallies. If you're going to catch the bigger smallmouths, then you'll want to make sure that you're using a larger sized bait. They will often bite at the large baits because they want to score a massive meal.

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