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How To Reel In A Crankbait

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
How To Reel In A Crankbait

We've briefly discussed the different types of crankbait that are out there. We talked about the sizes and weights that you can use to suspend your lure in different depths of water. There are still a lot of other factors that you'll need to learn about in order to use your crankbait properly. We'll discuss how to use these in different seasons so that you'll get the most action out of them.

You can use a crankbait in all different seasons, but you'll likely need to change up your speed depending on which season you're in. If you're using a crankbait during spring, then you'll want to reel it in rather quickly. For the shallow crankbait, you can reel it in a stop and go formation. During spring, a lot of bigger fish will be coming into shallower areas to get ready for spawning. This is an excellent time to use the squarebill or shallow divers. If you're using a deep diver, try deflecting off the bottom with slight jerking as you reel in. This will look like a distressed crawfish and can result in a strike from a large fish.

Summer temperatures will mean that the fish have a much higher metabolism. Summer is when you want to fish deep and reel in quickly. Fish are hungry and ready to chase after their food.

Most people believe that fall is the best time of year to use a crankbait. All other baitfish are going to be super active, which will make your prey want to chase after them. Reel your crankbait in quickly to cover more area on the water. Once you locate your fish, you'll want to fish that area pretty hard.

If it's winter out, you'll want to send in some deep divers that are flat-sided crankbait because they work better in colder weather. Slowly reel the bait in and keep it steady.

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