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How To Pair A Rod With Proper Line And Lure

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
How To Pair A Rod With Proper Line And Lure

If you've ever been a victim of a broken fishing line, chances are it's not the fish's fault. Most of the time, this is caused by the angler pairing their rod with the wrong line and lure. It would be best if you never paired a light action rod with a heavy line or a light-duty reel with a heavy rod because you could do damage to the rod or strip a reel. Today we'll try to help you learn what should be paired with different rods and reels. 

Fishing line has a strength measured on it, and it's called test, and it will be measured in pounds. This line strength will determine how much stress can be put on the line before it will break. If you have a medium-light rod, you need to pair that with a medium reel and a 6-10 pound test line. When you're selecting the right line, you need to make sure all is balanced well. You'll need to make sure that your rod has the right reel and line paired with it. Each rod will give you a recommendation for the proper line weight too. If things aren't balanced, you may experience a break in the line regardless of how much you spent on your setup. 

Once you've found the proper line, you'll want to make sure you're using a lure that can be supported by the line. You could try using a light bait on your heavy line, but you won't be getting any distance on your casts. Pairing a heavy lure with a light line will cause a lag in your cast. However, pairing the right weighted lure with the proper line will give you the perfect cast. 

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