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How To Catch Redfish During Winter Part 1

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
How To Catch Redfish During Winter Part 1

Winter may seem like the perfect time to hibernate and stop all your outdoor  sporting. However, this time of year can offer up some of the best fishing trips. Once the temperatures drop, and the waters cool off, you'll start to see the redfish move. Winter redfish fishing can yield some enjoyable and fruitful fishing excursions. It may not always be trouble-free fishing, but if you follow a few of my tips, you'll be off to a great start.

The first tip is to aim for the shallow waters and areas closer inshore. Redfish will likely hang out in these types of areas because they are going to be looking for food. They'll also be able to stay warmer in the shallow waters, which is a major draw for these fish. Those sunny winter days are perfect for fishing the shallows for redfish. Don't question just how shallow you'll be able to catch these fish either. They'll go as shallow as they can possibly get. The redfish even get down to two feet of water is good enough for them. They like these areas because they can munch on shrimp or crab. They also get to avoid the dangers of their predators when they stay in this shallow area.

Your next tip is to try and be stealthy. Redfish aren't known to be that skittish, but some skill goes behind this type of fishing. If you aren't cautious about the noise you make when you sneak up to these fish, then you'll deter them. I wouldn't roll up to an area with your motor running. Try using a cane pole to direct yourself to the perfect spot where all the redfish are. The cane pole will give you relatively silent movements through the water.

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