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By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
When you shop at Castaway Rods, you can find so many great options. They will carry rods that can be used in various ways, but you can also find rods built for specific types of fishing. It's essential to this team that they can offer you plenty of options so that all your fishing rod needs are taken care of. One really great option that they have is the Taranis CX1 Mag Medium Heavy rod. This is a super versatile rod that can be used for Texas Rig, Rattle Traps, and Spinnerbaits, just to name a few.

A rattle trap, also known as rat-l-trap, is a lipless crankbait that makes a loud rattle noise that fish, mainly bass, are really attracted to. You can use it in all kinds of conditions, including muddy or clear waters, low light conditions, and warm or cool weather. Rattle traps can come in many different sizes and colors, as well. These types of baits are really great, especially during the season-changing weather, because they get a reaction out of the fish with their loud noise. You'll want to reel this in quickly with a little bit of a jerking action to help it trigger a reaction from the fish. You could also use a pattern of reeling and letting it sink over and over again. If you pair this type of bait with the Taranis Mag Medium Heavy CX7MH rod, you're sure to see some great catches. This casting rod is seven feet long with a med-heavy power and a moderate-fast action. You can use these to catch white bass, largemouth bass, and striped bass.

If you're ready to feel the difference of a Castaway Rod, then you need to head over to their website today. You can find the perfect casting custom fishing rod to pair with a rattle trap when you shop for a new rod at Castaway Rods. Check out the options they have available today.