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Crappie Facts To Help Your Fishing Experiences

By :Irfan Ahmed 0 comments
Crappie Facts To Help Your Fishing Experiences

We've gathered a few helpful tips that are going to help you whenever you're out catching crappie. This article will talk a bit about the fish and where they tend to hang out. We'll also offer up some helpful facts about rods that can help you catch them. Let's dive right in.

This freshwater fish tends to be found in a school in areas with heavy vegetation. When crappie are young, they only eat microscopic crustaceans, and as they grow, they'll start feeding on insects, minnows, and fingerlings. Crappie feed mostly at dawn and dusk, being less active during the day. In fact, you can even catch crappie when it's dark out because they do a lot of feeding between midnight and 2 am. When you're scouting the area, you'll want to look for areas with weed beds, logs, or any type of cover that they can hide in.

You can use a variety of different rods for crappie fishing, but the most popular tend to be a spinning rod with ultra-light to light power and moderate action. You want something that is strong yet sensitive so you can quickly set the hook. Crappie have a fairly gentle mouth, and you don't want something so powerful that it's going to damage it. The type of rod explained above will be perfect for that. You should check out the Pro Sport or Taranis CX1 light spinning rods that are currently available at Castaway Rods.

If you're looking for a rod that will be perfect for your crappie fishing, then you can stop by Castaway Rods with custom fishing rods for crappie. Their team will set you up with the perfect rod for an enjoyable day out. You're going to love the fishing rods they have available.